October 5, 2010

hot air balloon festival

a while ago, parker and i went to the highland village hot air balloon festival. they have balloon races, food vendors, rides for little kids, and music. however, i think we got there a little too early. the races were at 7 am, definitely wasn't going to get there that early. food vendors weren't open when we got there, so we couldn't eat anything. so we were left with walking around the gift vendors and checking out the rides.

on our walk to the event. he was ready to go! (he was actually running, even though it doesn't look like it)

our first ride was the merry-go-round. he was his first time and he loved it.

the funny part was that he kept turning around and saying the the "forseys" were coming to get him :)

it was extremely hot this day and they had kindly put up misting stations.

the festival was right on the lake, so we made a little trek down there.

he also rode on the little train and totally got a kick out of that one.

and the coolest part was the pink firetruck! it was a breast cancer firetruck. you can sign the truck for anyone who has/had breast cancer. it was awesome!

and to prove how hot is was...
those red cheeks, sweaty hair, and a lot of water :)

a "new" kitchen

i know, i know! it's been forever. i've been slacking really bad, but i've also been super busy. so...to start off, we have a "new" kitchen! we finally got around to painting it. with someone's help, of course, and that would be jesse's dad, jeff. here are the gross before pictures of our green kitchen (the previous owners really liked frogs, no joke)...

and the much better after...
so much more airy! i love it! it is creamy cucumber from olympic.

and just for fun, here are some of the during photos...
and this...
resulted in this...
all the popcorn stuff from the ceiling. may not look like a lot here, but it was so hard to get out.

and that would be the newest update to the house. and although i'm writing about it now, it was probably about a month ago, now. i'm so behind! but we would definitely love to thank jesse's dad for helping out. he's definitely much faster than we are.

and i promise i'll try to keep up more from now on!