February 19, 2010

homemade play dough

sorry for taking so long to post! still trying to get used to all of this.

we've had some pretty nasty weather lately. no fun playing outside right now. so last week i decided to try and make parker some play dough! he was even good enough to help...after a little coaxing with some grapes.

the coaxing so he wouldn't flip out.

measuring out some flour.

helping to pour it in.

shaking the life out of the food coloring!

now, i made this with our vita-mix and when we watched the demo, the thing seemed virtually indestructible! well...i followed the instructions: blend on high for 5 minutes. at about 45 seconds left, it stopped. i burned it out. how awesome. and our play dough looked like this...

it turned out fine, just slightly different texture than prepackaged play dough. it was a little stickier. and VERY hard to get out of the blender. but either way, parker had fun!

and then the blender was left with this wonderful play dough all stuck under the blades. it was "fun" trying to get that out!

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