March 29, 2010

it's been a while...sorry!

i know i know, we haven't posted in a WHILE. we're sorry. and because we've waited so long, i've forgotten about half the stuff that happened.

but most recently, jesse and parker have started this new thing. jesse says "ohhh baby." parker replies with "ohhh daddy." and it just goes on and on, back and forth. so when it was introduced to me, parker would reply with "ohhh daddy!" so i would tickle him and so forth. so then i'd try again and get the same response!

we've definitely noticed just from this how much parker is growing up. he knows exactly what he's doing. it's crazy to think how smart he is getting. but, now the tables have turned and all the responses are "ohhh mommy" :)

the best story with this new little game is when parker and i went to see jesse at work. we were leaving and driving down the road, playing the little game. but i was getting "ohhh daddy" responses, so i kept getting him in the back seat. i'd stick my hand back there and tickle him or tease him. then we got close to a tree with christmas lights strung through it. parker said "lights" to point them out and followed it up with "ohhh christmas tree!!" oh my goodness it was hilarious! it was awesome.

"ohhh baby"

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