August 12, 2010

new additions

lately, in my enormous amounts of extra time this summer, i have been trying to fix up a few things around the house. in the almost 2.5 years that we've lived here, i'm just now getting around to actually making it look like we live here. so...

our laundry room needed some help. the rod that was being used to hold extra coat hangers and jesse's work shirts was a shower curtain rod that you twist to tighten to the wall. well, it never really tightened that well. i guess it couldn't take the weight of the shirts and was always falling and consequently tearing the paint from the way. so it was high time we fix it.

i went to lowe's one day and happen to come across these guys.
so all i needed was a wooden rod and we're good to go!

so my dad came over to help me put it up.
and ta da! much better.

and please disregard our green kitchen, we still haven't painted. it is on my to do list though!
and there used to be blue striped curtains covering the laundry (when the kitchen was planned on being blue and white), but they were taken down since we've changed idea of colors. now, the curtain rod that was there to block to laundry room has been transplanted to here...

the finials on the ends were too big to fit in the area over the laundry room, so i've got to source out a new one for there. the old rod is now over our sliding door to the back yard which was previously these annoying vertical blinds.

some were beginning to point in the wrong direction and weren't closing right...they were just a pain. and now it looks like this...

yay!! however it will change in the near future...again. those curtains are actually for the laundry room, once we find a new rod. they will be replaced with some white curtains. but, trust me, it's way better than the vertical blinds that were there.

i did this one a while ago, but haven't mentioned it. i made the end of the kitchen cabinet a chalkboard for parker.

i just need to find a container that i can screw into the cabinet to hold an eraser and the chalk. parker seems to like it though, that's all that matters :)

and last but not least, we now have a compost bin!! i'm pretty pumped about it. less trash, better soil (once it's all decomposed), and better for the environment. i got the tutorial here. it was super easy and super cheap. and since i had already started planning on making one, i started collection kitchen scraps and lint early. so i had plenty to add to the bin when i made it.

started by drilling some holes on the bottom.

then added some leaves, dried weeds, and dirt.

added in all of our kitchen scraps (banana peels, egg shells, cucumber skins, lint, carrot leaves, strawberry tops).

then mixed it all up and put the top on. drilled some more holes in the top. then set it to the side and you're done!

and that would be all the newest additions to our casa. the kitchen is my biggest to-do right now and i desperately want to finish it. so i'll keep you updated!

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