January 20, 2010

birthdays, school, and potties

this is a little late, but last saturday we went to parker's cousin's birthday, anaya. she turned 7. it was a tumbling class. definitely suited for children that understand direction...parker was everywhere!

everything started out well. he sat down in the circle...

he didn't want to crawl to the center though...

he even took the time to chat with the birthday girl. and by chat i mean anaya talked and parker spoke parker.

and off he goes! so much for participating.

he got in a little papaw time.

anaya jumping on top of the block. then she jumped down and tumbled down a slope.

and then she practiced some cartwheels. i love how i never managed to get a picture of the front of her. what a quality picture-taker i am!

parker with daddy.

and apparently wanted NOTHING to do with mommy.
until i turned him upside down!
and yes, it was a birthday party. and yes, we did have pizza and cake. but again, this proves i'm a bad picture-taker. i got no cake pictures, anymore anaya pictures, or present pictures. i think i should work on this.
but the party was fun and the older kids enjoyed it. happy belated birthday anaya!

today i started school again. i'm excited for this semester because it's my first semester with classes that actually go towards my major. i'm taking earth science and environmental science. sounds boring, but i think it's gonna be fun.
lots of rocks, soil, plates, atmospheres, sustainability, water, and all that earthy-enivronmental stuff. so pumped!

moving on to the little one (again)...we started trying to potty train parker after he turned 2, a little over a month ago. wasn't going too well, so we stopped. we kinda realized it was a little too early to push it since he still didn't understand anything.
within the last week he as done his business in the bathtub 3 times...not so much fun. so tonight, i asked him if he had to use the potty, which resulted in no. so i made him sit on the potty anyways, just in case. he sat there for about 15 minutes and nothing. so i put him in the tub and he started making his grunting sounds, asked him if he had to potty and he said yes! i was so excited...but unfortunately no. so my hopeful attempt at being pro-active didn't work out as planned...but he looked super cute sitting on his little potty :)

i've been catching up on some "green" reading and organization. my latest find is ecoholic. seems interesting and has lots of links for online information. i'll let ya know how it works out. if you're around me a lot, you know i'm always with a new "green" book or organization book or cleaning book or something of the sorts. they're so intriguing now. i can't get enough of them!

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