January 28, 2010

door repair

i'm a little late on this one. last saturday my dad came over to replace our back door. it was rotten and rusted...

we were starting to get a draft at the back door too. so that wasn't good. so my dad came over to help. we had to go to home depot to get the door. he had already looked at doors and found one for $99! we found out from the man that helped us that the doors had been marked down because the weren't selling and that they were normally $200 doors! good shopping dad :) parker helped a little, but rode a lottle...

got back home and the repairing process began...

ta da!! new door.

obviously i've known my dad my whole life, but i still don't understand how he knows how to do all this stuff! even jesse commented later that he's always amazed by everything he's able to do. you don't just go to a class for all this. it's crazy!

when i was younger, i didn't really help with a lot of the repair stuff, but i did pick up on a few things over the years. nothing grand, but at least i know how to paint, use a drill, use a hammer and screwdriver...the basics. i was even happy i was able to hang a shelf all by myself! for the first time, mind you.

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