June 8, 2010

redecorating dilemma

lately i've been over-obsessed with trying to finally figure out how we're going to decorate our house. i think it's cause i'm actually home all the time now, so i'm constantly see everything and running ideas through my head. kinda makes me crazy at times.

i'm always checking out etsy to see what they have new and came across this:

courtesy of: decoylab shop

i feel as though i need to make a spot for it! i'm in love!!

we have no idea what we want to do with the house: colors, accessories, places for things, etc. there's no telling where it'll end up. but in my hours of navigating through my new favorite blog, young house love...i'm in love their house.

not only have i found ideas from sherry and john's house (yhl), but i've so many other ideas from link to other websites and what not. here are some of my favorites:

courtesy of: tart house

courtesy of: don't know.

courtesy of: pottery barn

courtesy of: tart house
i love that the desk is a total diy project! it's made from 2 doors, a bookshelf, and 2 table legs.

courtesy of: young house love

courtesy of: probably better homes & gardens or something like that.

courtesy of: don't know.
how fun would that be?! to have everyone over for a party and then go outside to watch a movie. love it!

courtesy of: don't know.
notice the background there? yea...we don't exactly have that here in north texas. i can still dream, right?!

as you can see, i love open storage. so that will somehow be worked in. and i've read that in smaller houses, you should have a color that is worked in throughout the house to make everything go together. so now, what color?

what colors have you painted your house? do you have a recurring color? how did you decorate? let us know. help us with some ideas!

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  1. I LOVE west elm. Its overpriced but you can find a lot of similar things at Ikea, pottery barn (when on sale) Target and such.
    I love decorating too, let me know if you get any exciting ideas! I am planning on doing something to my kitchen cabinets this summer. Painting, adding hardware, taking off doors, adding wine storage, maybe open storage.
    Also, the backyard is in progress adding a firepit, outdoor kitchen and LOTS of gardening. I am tired just thinking about it!