June 5, 2010

swimming and reorganizing

as you know, i've been watching my friend's baby, reed. well the other day, katy had the day off and invited us to go swimming with her and reed.

i was pumped! and thought parker would be too, but it wasn't as easy to get him in the water as i thought it would be. he mainly wanted to walk in and out just on the stairs. he was very scared to actually get in the water and even when i got him in the water, he was death-gripping me to hang on!

reed on the other hand, enjoyed the water! he even kept trying to climb out of his little boat. i just told katy that he's a very ambitious swimmer.

luckily for both of us, the pool wore both the boys out.

let's just say, they both got a REALLY good nap that day :)

and on a side note, we just reorganized our office, which i tried to start on my own because i got overly excited about my ideas and thought they would just come together. little did i know! jesse and i talked about it the next day and finally came to a decision about what we wanted to do. and i'm HORRIBLE at taking "before" pictures. so seeing the amount of space available now does not mean anything to you if you can't see how unbelievably crowded it was before. but anyways, here is our "new" office.

the bookshelf on the right used to be where the black shelf is. and where the bookshelf on the right is now, there used to be another bookshelf there (we're getting rid of it). the black shelf is now my scentsy product area (side note: last month was my best month yet! i sold $724!!! so if you have any questions or want to buy, let me know).

there was a square table where the long one is now. and the long table was still there, but to the left. and the workout bench was thrown in the room before too. already sounding crowded? i know! be glad you didn't live here.

to the left of the desk used to be a matching small bookshelf, which had all of our school stuff on it. and now all the school stuff is consolidated to the bottom shelf of the black shelves. and to the right of the desk used to be a filing cabinet. oh, but we're not done yet!

filing cabinet is now in the closet. and for the big shocker...all of that stuff in there, used to be on the long table that is still in the room and the square table we took out!!! and although it may not look like a lot...it's A LOT. both shelves go beyond what you can see, so there is more.

we're not completely done with getting everything up and off the floor, but it is soooo much better than what it was before. trust :)

we eventually want to paint the walls a light gray and the tall bookshelf black. it's our black, white, and gray office. i'm kind of excited about it! i think the black and white will make it seem a little more sophisticated and formal. can't wait :)

and last thing, i promise! i just remembered this picture the other day and realized i never put it up. it's one of my favorites of reed. we keep trying to get him to smile cause i still don't think he's completely comfortable being in a new place. so jesse tried to do what he did with parker when he was younger...just running with him. he loved it...

i hope that gives you a smile :) i LOVE reed's smile!

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