May 26, 2010

water fun

since we decided to keep parker home for the summer, i've been trying to find free/cheap fun things to do. over in highland village they have a water feature that shoots out water and i've seen a ton of kids out there playing. so today i decided to take parker. luckily, no one else was out there when we went :)

he was very hesitant at first to go by himself. i had to stand with him at one of the spouts for a while. i kept sticking my foot out to get him to do the same. most kids love running through the whole thing, but he never would. he mainly stood by 1 the whole time. he's a strange child at times.

he was trying to stick his head in the water/drink it. and he was quickly stopped for trying to drink it. you could smell all the chlorine just from standing by it.

today was also the first day that reed came over!

he is my friend katy's baby boy. he's 1 and absolutely adorable. we've babysat him 1 time and parker had a blast with him. just baby this and baby that. and was even upset when he had to go to bed because he couldn't play with reed anymore.

well, today marked the day they get to spend a few days a week together for the next 10 weeks. parker now has a playmate and i, obviously, get to experiment with taking care of 2 kids. it's a handful! but lots of fun watching them together. katy and i are hoping for BFFs haha.

parker gave reed kisses because he started crying. how sweet :)

and that would be parker trying to "talk" to reed. he started at a good distance and gradually got closer and closer.

i think this is 1 of my favorites! they were watching shark tale.

katy said reed loves to put in and take things out, so i found this lovely little toy in parker's room. he loved it!

so we played this fun little game of "reed's gonna get you." parker was running around everywhere the whole time, but every time that i started to walk around reed would follow me. so i decided to tell parker that reed was gonna get him. so parker would proceed with squealing and laughing...reed would start to smile. so i'd start leading reed towards parker and EVERY TIME parker would run and get on the rocking chair. and this is reed "getting parker."

and parker had to protect his toys haha.

day 1 went well...we'll let you know how the rest of the days go! definitely going to have to work on the whole sharing thing. i kind of thought parker might be somewhat ok at it since he's been at daycare with a bunch of other kids. but not so much. it'll be a project.

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