May 29, 2010

a three-day catch up

i got lazy on thursday and never posted about the day, had to work friday night, and so now i'm posting all 3 days (including today) together. get ready :)

thursday i wanted to go to the park to let parker play and then we'd go for a walk afterwards. jesse wasn't too keen on the walking idea, so we ended up going to a different park so that he/we could play basketball. he ended up calling our friend jacob and he came out to play with jesse. which turned out better because jesse wanted more of a workout from it and i definitely wasn't the person to do that for him.

parker does NOT like to be dirty. i've determined he's not really a boy haha. if he gets something on his hands, "yucky mommy yucky." anything in his shoe, he has to stick it in the air, "yucky mommy yucky." he won't continue until it's off his hands/shoes/legs/etc. i'm working on this one.

he tried to chase after a butterfly...wasn't too successful on that one. but it was quite entertaining watching him run all over the place :)

the boys playing some basketball. it was quite hot this particular day. we were burning up, everyone bright red. and i somehow was the only person to get a slight sunburn.

after our morning at the park, we had the afternoon with reed again.

i find parker to be quite interesting with his toys since reed has started coming over. i pull out old toys that he never uses and that would be good for reed. and the second reed starts to play with them, "parker's toy mommy." all these toys sit right in front of him in his room everyday, yet he doesn't play with them. but if anyone else dare touch them, he gets upset. again, still working on the sharing concept.

friday i started the day off trying to let parker play in the dirt...since we're having the "being dirty" issue. when we were doing the yard work in the front, he wanted to help and was kinda playing with the dirt. so i bought him some gardening gloves and a little shovel. i took him out front and told him to go play in the dirt, go dig. didn't want to but for about a minute... :( but he did look cute!

we even found a fuzzy white caterpillar and 1 of the hundreds of rolly pollies in our yard.

i have also started to experiment with big-boy undies. not going so well so far. i spoke with 1 person a while ago about potty training their daughter. he said they just put her straight in big undies and she didn't like the feel of the pee running down her legs, so she quickly learned to tell her parents that she needed to potty. well, parker will tell you he pottied, but still hasn't grasped the before part to that. and it doesn't seem to bother him that much. it seems this is going to be much more difficult than i was hoping.

his big-boy undies and his favorite new chair. an outdoor foldable monkey chair that he wants to take EVERYWHERE.

and finally, we're at saturday. today my dad came over to see about wiring a wall with cable. we're trying to rearrange our furniture in the living room and move the tv to a different wall, but it doesn't have a cable hook-up. and lucky for us, my dad is the expert :)

parker ran to get his tools to help my dad. how cute! he's such a sweetie :)

dad started getting everything together and was all excited because he figured it out (there were a few run-ins to start). and he joked he was so good, until he dumped everything out of his tool box...

sorry dad! i had to. :)

needless to say, he got everything hooked up like i knew he would. i forgot to take a finished picture before i pushed the sofa back. but it's all hooked up on the inside. now he just has to hook it up on the roof. so hopefully in the near future we'll have a completely different looking living room! i'm excited about the prospects of that.

and so tonight i will be relaxing and waiting for jesse to come home. i'll be watching leap year and starting on a new project for parker. and as of right now, it looks like this:

you'll have to wait for the finished product to see what it is! stay tuned for next time :)

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